The Flail is a New York City-based jazz quintet. The members met while attending the New  School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and quickly became friends. From its inception in 2001, the Flail has focused on developing a group sound; as such, there has never been a 'leader' of the band - every member has an equal voice, musically and otherwise. This attitude is woven through all aspects of their music.

The Flail's repertoire is mainly comprised of original compositions written by all the members of the band. Some of these compositions were inspired by direct experiences the band has gone through together. Others were written with the personalities and musical sound of the members in mind. Some were written as a challenge. Rather than thinking in terms of genres and styles, or of even 'old' and 'new', The Flail strives to tell their story through music.


The Flail has performed at some of the biggest and most prestigious venues and events in the world. Over the course of four tours in France they have played more than fifty concerts to packed houses in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Renne, Ardeche, and Marseille; highlights include Jazz a Vienne (2002, 2004) and the Marseille Festival du Jazz des Cinq Continents (2002, 2005). Their latest tour (2007) brought them to Madrid, Spain, for the first time. In New York City they perform at such places as Smalls Jazz Club and Sweet Rhythm, and on tours of the East Coast they frequent Twins Jazz (Washington, DC), An Die Musik (Baltimore) and Chris’ Jazz Café (Philadelphia).

The Flail has released two albums, “Live in France” (2002, self-released), taken from one particularly lively concert in Grenoble, and “Never Fear” (2006, KNT Records), recorded at the famed Acousti Studio in Paris.

Some other tidbits about The Flail that should be mentioned:
- In 2002, they were chosen to headline a concert showcasing young jazz talent at Carnegie Hall.
- In 2002 and 2004 they collaborated with an association of young French skateboarders from Villefontaine in putting on hip-hop shows in Lyon. Electric Flail? You bet! Funky Flail? Ah oui oui!